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The Ankh : Egyptian Gold and Egyptian Silver Ankh

The Ankh: You can find in many forms, cast in silver, gold, set with semi-precious stones, or even made in iron, pottery and wood. It is the Egyptian ‘key of life’. This symbol’s very name is intriguing and cries out for deeper investigation as to what it all means, it dates back to Pharonic times, and is steeped in history, tradition, beliefs and meaning. Creative power, knowledge, abundance, health, happiness, prosperity, long life and immortality, are just a few of the powers associated with the key of life; what a gift for someone special , but why does this symbol mean so much? The symbol of the key was first seen when the first Pharonic tombs where unearthed. Many wall decorations depict the past kings holding the key of life at their coronation ceremonies. It was believed that the key would give the bearer creative power, increased knowledge, power and abundance. what more could a future king wish for? Further discovery showed the pharos where often buried with the ‘Ankh’ o

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